“I have come to the city of Nod, by the light of the full moon, on the night when the great walls of the city melt like mist, and one so brave as I might pass within.”

In the days when roads still lead to the city of Nod, when its name was still found on maps and charts, when it was spoken of as more than a half-remembered fable, the walls of the city stood tall over the grassy plains, where now there is naught but sand. In that time, none passed into or out of the city, save for on the night of the full moon, when the stone walls grew as insubstantial as clouds.

This is a game about a barbarian from the shivering steppe, hunting human quarry within the walls of the city. One night is all that is given to find the quarry and flee the city. But Nod is a place of dark alleyways, strange rituals, degenerate worship and corrupt rule. The barbarian’s journey will have many crooked turns, and will never end where you expect.

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Sample characters: The King of Worms, The Proprietor

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